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Web development is one of the rapidly growing tools of business in the world. Every web development company works with an intention to create the best designs and applications for the online world. From developing websites to hosting the online presence of brands and businesses, the task of Web Development Melbourne is thus quite a challenging one and yet it is one of the leading firms in the business. 

Everything that you find on a website is the hard work of a web development company. And yes, it is quite crucial for your business to hire a good firm to flow without bounds. So, let’s learn about this interesting process of web development in this post.



The meaning of web development

Web development is simply a task that contributes to creating or developing websites or online pages and hosting them. It involves a lot of tasks, ranging from content development, web design, client servicing, ads running, SEO optimization, network security configuration, etc. 

In simple words, it is a form of coding or programming that enables the working of the internet. It generally involves the non-designing elements of web building, such as coding and programming. A web developer is usually responsible for web development. He or she writes the script in languages, such as PHP and ASP.

The purpose of web development

The main task of web development is to keep websites and pages optimized and functioning. In today’s digitally driven world, it is important for every business to keep its online game up. For this very reason, web development companies are in high demand. 

With a good web page, clients from all over the world can visit a brand’s page and become a lead. Thus, it is important to adapt to the changing technology and for this reason, it is important to hire a company that is well-updated in its job. 

Why web development is important for your business

Web design is quite fruitful for the growth of every business. A well-optimized and functioning website can quadruple your profit within a month. With millions of users browsing the internet every day, there is no reason why one mustn’t hire a good web developing company. 

Nonetheless, let’s have a look at some of the important reasons why web development is crucial for every business.

  1. 24/7 availability: Unlike other traditional stores, an online business store remains open 24/7 on all days of the year. People are anyway quite busy in their lives to pay a visit to the store. Thus, they would rather order something online than go to the market. All it takes is a click and voila, the job is done, at any time of the day. 


  1. Better and cost-effective marketing: Well, since developing a website is a one-time thing, it is quite cost-effective for business owners. Plus, other businesses also like to advertise their products on well-optimized websites. This is cost-effective as well as profit-making in nature, and not just for the sales-part. 


  1. It is a credible platform: Even if you do not have an office space, your website can serve as one. It is a credible place to grow your business. The best part is that it earns you goodwill, credibility, and a lot of loyal customers. All you must do is work hard and earn their trust.


  1. You remain connected to your customers: Since your online business runs 24/7, this also means that you get to stay in touch with your customers and potential clients all the time. This also asks for better customer service on your part. Keep it up and you will end up earning millions of loyal customers for a long time.


Website Design Melbourne is the answer to all your web development needs and it highly recommends working with the best web design company in your area. 


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Benefit Your Business With Custom Website Design

The onset of the internet has rendered the world a new outlook. For businesses that can now communicate and network with their niche audience is done through the mode of online. Herein, websites play an integral role in making this quest possible. Over the years, entrepreneurs have started to understand the importance of a website for their business. And, its immense power to convert leads into sales. A website is an online platform that plays an integral role in connecting the audience to the business or your products and services. Hence, developing it in tandem with your requirements turns it into a necessary criterion. Custom website design or creative website design as it is known to assist in delivering the right identity for your website and the central purpose.

Strategically too, if you want to attract customers to expand your business further, customizing your website becomes the ultimate necessity. It renders your website an effective direction and helps in making the right decision.

Considering the numerous opportunities that custom website design poses for a business, it has been elaborated on it further. Along with this, we have also elucidated points that are necessary to be considered when creating a website design. So let's get started.

A custom or creative website design can be defined as a site that combines images and content. This with the primary benefit of delivering the right identity of the business and the purposes it deems to serve. With this, it places a website separate from other similar ones in addition to placing the business's products and services uniquely different from others.




Noted benefits of custom website design:

  • It renders the website a unique identity
  • Impactful website design is one that doesn't rely on content or graphics alone. Instead, it provides a balanced outlook taking into consideration all aspects that can voice out the message for your website.
  • This brings us to the next question i.e., what are the essential points to be considered when building a customized website. Below is the answer you are looking for:
  • Flexible navigationWebsite designing is an art that combines the aspects of how to make the user experience satisfactory and how to convey your message. Based on these criteria, the design must be constructed. Herein, easy navigation is the foremost point to be taken into account. It enables a smooth experience for users to stay on your site in addition to aiding search engines in indexing pages of the website.
  • Insert the link of the homepage onto the logo of the website.
  • Build a sitemap. It will make it easy for the user to understand its layout, such as what are the menus and sub-menus included.
  • Communicate your message by picking an appropriate design. This includes ‘About Us’, 'Contact page', 'FAQs', etc. That can convey to the visitor what you are and how to reach out to you.
  • Pick the right combination of colors, page backgrounds, page size, content, graphic design, etc.
  • Update content periodically and ensure the page loads fast.

All these above points elaborate by Platinum website Design on the crucially of custom website design and how it can lure the visitor in staying on your website. Because while a poor website can increase your bounce rate, a well-designed website can drive in results for your business, thereby up surging profits.

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The Ecommerce is abbreviated as Electronic commerce. Ecommerce is the type of business that should be done with the help of the internet. In the Ecommerce, for any type of business, the commercial transactions take place. The Ecommerce web design Melbourne is offering the online shopping web pages for your business development.

The customers are purchasing with the help of e-commerce. While leading the Ecommerce development Melbourne, the success can be predicted with the help of retailers. Ecommerce web design development will have a huge number of design opportunities. With the help of domestic and international customer base, the large numbers of opportunities are available for web developers.

Platforms that are running under Ecommerce

The web developers who are working over a decade will incorporate e-commerce platforms such as Magneto, Woo-commerce. The Ecommerce web design company Melbourne will have a separate team; the team will visit you and get the details like your business, target audience, products, and budgets. 

Achievements in the field of Ecommerce

The Ecommerce Web design company Melbourne is worked with the top successful business companies. The web developers have incorporated a feature called CRO. The CRO is termed as Conversion Rate Optimization, which means the low cost for customer acquisition by adding more value from visitors and the users you already have. When you optimize your conversion rate, then there will be an increase in the revenue per visitor, so the number of customers can be acquired. If several customers are acquired, then your business will grow.

The Ecommerce development agency supports digital marketing. It also drives traffic to your web site with the help of search engine optimization, Social media, and email marketing. If you want to have a look at Web design you can make use of portfolio and if you need any clarifications regarding web designs, then the experts are ready to help you. 

Ecommerce Website overview

To develop the e-commerce Web page you should follow some instructions. The first and foremost step is to design effectively. The web page should be live in nature. The second one will be the products to be added. The products should be added on the webpage and the corresponding description, specifications, and images should be mentioned. The next one will be the presentation. The products should be categorized and it will make them buy and sell in the easiest ways. Then the next one will be notifications. Notifications should be regularly updated. The final one will be the payment must be an easy process and the delivery options should be stored.

Additional Options on Ecommerce Web Pages

There are some other ways to increase your traffic. A person's current address and the delivery address of the order can be tracked. This is one of the ways to increase traffic. The product reports can be updated regularly. This will make the finder to know about the stock quantity. 

The Ecommerce web design Melbourne is the leading e-commerce Web design with high online shopping websites. This also provides privacy and secured shopping. The web page should be easily accessed by mobile phones. The web design pages are created and maintained by the team. The team is made up of experts with strong technical knowledge.

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Platinum Web is a leading web development agency serving businesses throughout Australia with a bouquet of web design/development and online marketing services.

Ecommerce has opened up frontiers that you had not dreamed of before and at a low starting price with technology making it all possible. The traditional route for business is to set up shop, start selling and establish a chain of distributors and retailers. This process is time-consuming and expensive with no guarantees. Besides, you are limited to specific regions. You may set up a distributor-retail chain in Western Australia while the rest of the country and the world know nothing about you and your products or your company. Opt for an eCommerce website with eCommerce development Melbourne based and in just one stroke the world becomes your market with untold benefits.

Wider reach

If you are a startup it is all the more reason to have an eCommerce enabled website right from the word go. Let specialists in eCommerce development Melbourne set up your online store and handle its promotions too. You can focus more on your products and serving them rather than on handling distributor and dealer chains.

Better pricing

One advantage of a dealer distributor chain is that they take care of sales. The drawback is that they need constant encouragement and support and that you must part with margins. Naturally, you have to price your products higher. This makes you less competitive. Switch to eCommerce and you short-circuit the dealer chain and save a lot of money you can pass on to end customers.

Feedbacks and opinions

When there is a middleman involved the voice of the end customer rarely reaches you so you never know just how satisfied or dissatisfied they are and what they think could do with improvements. Get an eCommerce site developed by experts in eCommerce development Melbourne and you can have reviews and rating sections, a feedback section and comments section. You get to hear it straight from the customer’s mouth and you can take fast action to make changes.

Fast shipping

Fast shipping does earn you appreciation from customers and this can matter a lot if you are a startup as well as an established business. With an eCommerce store and a suitable logistics partner, you can ship worldwide.

Ecommerce site and features

With all these advantages to eCommerce, it is a given that you should opt to have a site but this is where you must stop and think a little, specifically about the site and its features. The eCommerce development Melbourne company and its expertise makes a difference in various ways


  • The platform was chosen: Magento is inarguably the most popular open-source platform but it may have limitations for free users unless you upgrade to a paid service. This is an example. Be specific about knowing the platform used.
  • Features: You will need to have a CMS system that lets you update contents and features that automatically refresh inventory to show if a product is in stock or not.
  • Cart and payment: This can be another pain point for customers but not when your web developer includes an easy to use the shopping cart and payment integration to allow use for maximum types.
  • Tracking: You must be able to track customers, know their preferences and be able to push cross-sell and upsell offers. In addition, customers must also be able to track their shipments.


Platinum Web offers the best eCommerce web development services for startups as well as established retailers in Australia at the most affordable prices with no compromise on technology and quality.

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