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Ecommerce has opened up frontiers that you had not dreamed of before and at a low starting price with technology making it all possible. The traditional route for business is to set up shop, start selling and establish a chain of distributors and retailers. This process is time-consuming and expensive with no guarantees. Besides, you are limited to specific regions. You may set up a distributor-retail chain in Western Australia while the rest of the country and the world know nothing about you and your products or your company. Opt for an eCommerce website with eCommerce development Melbourne based and in just one stroke the world becomes your market with untold benefits.

Wider reach

If you are a startup it is all the more reason to have an eCommerce enabled website right from the word go. Let specialists in eCommerce development Melbourne set up your online store and handle its promotions too. You can focus more on your products and serving them rather than on handling distributor and dealer chains.

Better pricing

One advantage of a dealer distributor chain is that they take care of sales. The drawback is that they need constant encouragement and support and that you must part with margins. Naturally, you have to price your products higher. This makes you less competitive. Switch to eCommerce and you short-circuit the dealer chain and save a lot of money you can pass on to end customers.

Feedbacks and opinions

When there is a middleman involved the voice of the end customer rarely reaches you so you never know just how satisfied or dissatisfied they are and what they think could do with improvements. Get an eCommerce site developed by experts in eCommerce development Melbourne and you can have reviews and rating sections, a feedback section and comments section. You get to hear it straight from the customer’s mouth and you can take fast action to make changes.

Fast shipping

Fast shipping does earn you appreciation from customers and this can matter a lot if you are a startup as well as an established business. With an eCommerce store and a suitable logistics partner, you can ship worldwide.

Ecommerce site and features

With all these advantages to eCommerce, it is a given that you should opt to have a site but this is where you must stop and think a little, specifically about the site and its features. The eCommerce development Melbourne company and its expertise makes a difference in various ways


  • The platform was chosen: Magento is inarguably the most popular open-source platform but it may have limitations for free users unless you upgrade to a paid service. This is an example. Be specific about knowing the platform used.
  • Features: You will need to have a CMS system that lets you update contents and features that automatically refresh inventory to show if a product is in stock or not.
  • Cart and payment: This can be another pain point for customers but not when your web developer includes an easy to use the shopping cart and payment integration to allow use for maximum types.
  • Tracking: You must be able to track customers, know their preferences and be able to push cross-sell and upsell offers. In addition, customers must also be able to track their shipments.


Platinum Web offers the best eCommerce web development services for startups as well as established retailers in Australia at the most affordable prices with no compromise on technology and quality.

Posted October 14, 2019 05:05